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natan kuchar

Natan is an educator and musician whose practice exists at the intersection of creativity and education.

Natan is wildly passionate about facilitating groups to explore creativity, develop teaching pedagogies, share stories, build community and to sing together.

integrative arts ed facilitator

I offer dynamic, activated group workshops for all educators of preschool through 12th grade which explore the following:

  • Strategies and Tools For Arts Integration: How can we use the arts to facilitate deep understanding as well as equitable, democratic and just spaces for learning?

  • Re-envisioning Assessment: How might arts-centered classrooms allow a shift in the way we assess our students' understanding?

  • Integrative Collaborative Curriculum Design: How can we work together to design collaborative curriculums that are culturally responsive, develop critical literacy skills and build leaders and change-makers of tomorrow?

These workshops are facilitated using frameworks developed out of Harvard's Graduate School of Education Project Zero, as well as from contemporary artists, indigenous teachings, and the stories and understandings that emerge from participants. Frameworks explored include: Studio Habits of Mind, Integrated Learning Framework,  Visual Thinking Strategies, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Teach For Understanding, Making Learning Visible.

Please be in touch at natankuchar@gmail.com to learn more about bringing this exciting learning to your school or community.

"This was the most organized, thoughtful, and cohesive training I have ever experienced! The pacing and content connected in a way that allowed me to really grapple with the content being explored."  (Elementary Classroom Teacher)
"This class was excellent and far exceeded my expectations. The instructors were the best, the diversity of the students, the organized and interesting way the class was approached. I cannot remember ever taking such an engaging and practical class." (K-12 Administrator) 
"Very well organized and timed. I've been to MANY MANY professional development trainings and at no point did I ever feel like I needed to go home or time could better be spent elsewhere. This was such a gift to my practice. There was the right amount of reflection, debriefing, movement, and collaboration. Dare I say this is the best PD I've ever attended?" (Non-profit Visual Arts Curriculum Developer)



data taken from participant evaluations at a co-facilitated workshop in June, 2018
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I'm passionate about integrating creativity into every classroom. As we explore, collaborate, question, make, exhibit and reflect within communities of learning we are truly forming connections. This creativity is what facilitates deep learning and understanding.


by Natan Kuchar

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